How Google Posts Can Help Your Local SEO and Marketing

Learn how using Google Posts can help improve your local SEO & marketing efforts. Find out how to use GMB Crush to analyze competitors' post count & frequency.

How Google Posts Can Help Your Local SEO and Marketing

Google My Business (GMB) posts can be a powerful tool to help improve your local search ranking. There are many ways that small businesses can benefit from having a Google business profile, and using Google Posts is one of them. When someone searches for your company name on Google or views your company's Google my business profile on Google Maps, a post will appear on your GMB profile. It is important to include your targeted keywords in the header of the post, as this will send a strong location and search intent signal to Google.

Additionally, it is beneficial to keep only one post active at a time, as this will create a larger image and space for a caption. Having up-to-date and detailed information about your company on your GMB profile will make it easier for Google to categorize and classify your company correctly. With GMB Crush, you can easily analyze your competitors' total post count and publication frequency within 90 days. Google Posts are an important part of a company's Google My Business listing, which is increasingly becoming more important in Google's algorithm for local search results.

Digital marketing managers and small business owners need to be aware of the power of GMB posts and how they can be used to improve their local SEO and marketing efforts. Google Posts are an opportunity to reach potential customers through their GMB profile and listing. Implementing them into your local marketing strategy will help your company gain more visibility in local searches and get consumers to visit your business. Additionally, creating a new post at least once a week will ensure that your post remains at the top of the GMB profile for seven days.

There are several GMB tools available, but none of them offer what you need for a proper Google My Business audit. With the right tools, you can get even better results for your business.

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