Do You Need to Be a Registered Business to Use Google My Business?

Do You Need To Be A Registered Business To Use Google My Business? Learn why having a verified & optimized GMB account is important & how to create & verify one.

Do You Need to Be a Registered Business to Use Google My Business?

Because you like it or not, your company can and will likely appear on Google. Doing so will cause a Google My Business profile for your company to start appearing more prominently in Google Map results. Your free Google business listing (known as your business profile) can do more than you think. When properly optimized, it showcases your best features and makes it easier for consumers to discover, learn about and contact your business.But to properly optimize your business profile, you need to access it, and to be able to access it, you must verify with Google that you are the rightful owner.

While it seems like it should be as simple as “creating step one, claiming step two, and verifying step three”, the process isn't so simple or so linear that, if you're reading this post, you've already figured it out. This is because it requires three different Google accounts and two different Google platforms, all with very similar names. So, in this post, I'm first going to explain exactly what's on Google, and then I'll give you a clear roadmap to create a Google My Business account and use it to claim and verify your business profile on Google.Whether you're an established local pillar or just starting a business, your Google Business profile makes it easy for consumers to discover, learn about and contact your business online. Here are the main advantages of a Google My Business account and, if that's not enough to convince you, consider the disadvantages of not having one.

Without a Google My Business account, you have no control over the information displayed in your business profile, and according to a BrightLocal study, 68% of consumers would stop using a local business after finding incorrect information online. Google ranks business profiles according to quality, and a company profile alone is not enough. However, a Google Business profile managed through a Google Business account can be optimized to rank above the competition in searches for relevant keywords.Which ad would you choose? The unclaimed account on the left or the one optimized by the Google My Business account on the right? However, as mentioned above, the process is not very simple. These are two different Google platforms and three different Google accounts, all with similar names, and some of which you probably already have.

So to get you started on a clear footing, let's first clarify the terminology. The goal is to get full access to your business profile on Google.Google is changing the way consumers find and relate to local businesses, so if you want to continue reaching your audience and attract customers with your free business profile, make sure you follow the steps above. The process has different parts and pieces but it doesn't have to be so complicated with guides like this one and options how to do it on mobile. Start creating, claiming and verifying through Google My Business today so you can make the most of this incredible free tool that you have at your disposal.

This post explains why you should update your Google business listing, when to make them, and the steps to make common changes and updates such as hours, phone number, categories and attributes.This publication covers six tools that businesses with a physical location can use to offer more of their services and transactions online in the wake of COVID-19 and rapid changes in consumer behavior online. A Google Business Profile is a free business listing from Google that allows you to provide details and photos of your company including its location services and products. You can also create a Google My Business listing with Google Map.If you have an online-only business then you'll need to stick with other Google tools such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. Create your profile at no cost and you can manage your business from both Google Search and Maps in order to start reaching more customers.

If you're not the one who created the business profile then Google will send you a verification code that you'll enter in the Google Business dashboard. This includes businesses with a physical location (such as restaurants or stores) as well as businesses that provide services by meeting customers elsewhere (such as consultants or plumbers).In this section you can publish services offered by your business as long as you have selected one of the main categories preset by Google. Additionally tools such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights and social media monitoring tools can help you discover terms people use when searching for your business. If you have special schedules for holidays or even on a one-off basis make sure they are reflected in your Google Business profile.

Depending on the type of business you have if you created your business profile and signed into your Google My Business account then you may be validated on the spot.You can display information from Google My Business if you're creating an ad for your small business but this information is only used for verifying your business and isn't displayed on your Google Business profile or shared with the public. A Google Business profile helps ensure people find your business when they search for products or services like yours in their local area so we suggest creating a company profile on both Google My Business and Google Maps while keeping information in these two tools always up-to-date.

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