How Much Does Google SEO Cost Per Month?

Learn how much does Google SEO cost per month and how small business owners can benefit from investing in full-service SEO solutions.

How Much Does Google SEO Cost Per Month?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool for connecting businesses with their customers. Nowadays, 93% of customer interactions start with a simple search engine query, often without any specific brand name in mind. It's important to note that most SEO professionals charge a monthly fee for their services. According to an article in Business 2 Community, around 75% of all SEO professionals charge a monthly retainer.

Just consider the potential of great content for your website. According to WordStream, “Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing programs and generates approximately three times the number of leads. For instance, technical SEO work (keyword research, title tag rewriting, technical corrections) had an average return on investment (ROI) of 117%, while content-based SEO had an ROI of 748%. That's why most business owners are more than willing to pay a monthly fee for a quality SEO service. Before setting a price, an SEO agency will analyze your current brand awareness and visibility in organic search, business objectives and target audience.

As SEO expands to include other areas such as content marketing, conversion analysis, social media optimization and other aspects of digital marketing, it has become more beneficial for companies to invest in full-service SEO solutions. For example, a company that sees thousands of searches for its services each month will have to spend more on SEO packages. Additionally, companies that offer services in an area where many similar companies exist will need to spend more to outperform their competitors. If your business has the potential to expand into new regions or markets, definitely consider investing in a small business SEO package to get started. Small-scale SEO is designed for small businesses that serve a limited area and only need to target customers within a certain radius.

To receive an accurate SEO price estimate from a marketer or agency, you'll first need to provide information about your business. SEO is not a quick fix that can optimize your business for growth overnight, despite what some “gurus” may say. Many SEO companies write content and purchase it on industry-relevant websites in an attempt to get links back to their site. When a company decides to hire an SEO company, it is usually done to fill a gap in their skills or business experience. Again, these prices are determined by the SEO pricing factors mentioned above and may vary from one business to another and from one type of project to another.

While some of this research can be done in-house, small businesses will find it very time-consuming; however, SEO professionals can help with this as well as with the other elements of SEO. However, this alone will not increase your search ranking as it is simply the necessary information that Google uses for geographic search results. With around 5.6 billion Google searches every day and most people stopping at the first page of results, it's worth investing in an SEO campaign to improve your website's ranking and grow your business. Small business SEO is perfect for you if you already have a website and it's getting SOME traffic but not enough to generate regular leads. Due to the complex nature of SEO and what needs to be done to get the best results, it often makes sense for a company to partner with an SEO agency on a month-to-month basis.

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