Verifying Your Business on Google: What Does it Cost?

Find out how much it costs to verify your business on Google with the help of the free Google My Business (GMB) solution.

Verifying Your Business on Google: What Does it Cost?

Your Google Business Profile is a free business listing from Google that allows you to take charge of how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. You can provide details and photos of your company, including your location, services and products. A survey conducted by Google shows that they may charge for Google My Business listings, but how much would they charge per month?Google My Business is a free, easy-to-use tool that helps businesses manage their online presence on Google. It allows customers to easily find you through search options and Google maps.

You can also use Google Analytics, Hootsuite Insights, and social media monitoring tools to discover the terms people use to search for your business. If your company name appears in the drop-down menu with an address next to it, your business profile already exists. Verifying your business on Google is the best way to control your business information on the search engine. According to Google, “companies with complete and accurate information are easier to find with the right searches.” This method also allows you to use your company name and Gmail for your company's business email. If you think your company qualifies for one of these roles, but you don't see them, you may have chosen the wrong category. You can start spreading the word about your business for free by creating your profile, and then you can manage it from Google Search and Maps.

It's critical to make sure your company is listed on Google My Business so that customers can find out what you provide and get in touch with you. To properly optimize your business profile, you need to access it and, to access it, you must verify with Google that you are the rightful owner. According to Google, “Verification means that companies can exercise more control over their brand in Google results.”Google offers a special Google My Business (GMB) solution to easily verify and publish your company on Google's search engine and maps.

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