What Google Tools Can We Use to Create Reports?

Learn about different types of Google tools that can be used for creating reports such as Google Analytics Dashboards Solution Gallery Data Studio OWOX BI Pipeline Smart Data Looker Tableau Microsoft Power BI etc.

What Google Tools Can We Use to Create Reports?

Google Analytics Dashboards provide an alternative to creating reports. The Google Analytics Solution Gallery offers a complete gallery of pre-built dashboards and segments. With Data Studio's web-based reporting tools, you can quickly create interactive reports and dashboards. Data Studio is like a canvas on which you can create your art with data.

It provides all the tools you need to generate an interactive, engaging, and persuasive painting of your data. Data Studio is incredibly versatile in its ability to present raw data in many ways. However, this type of software is geared towards organizing and visualizing information. To ensure the quality of your reports, you must collect, combine, and clean your data before uploading it to the web reporting software.

To do this, you can use specialized tools such as OWOX BI Pipeline. Google Data Studio is one of the best free reporting programs. With Data Studio, you can set up a connector to collect and compare your information, set up interactive dashboards, and create visualizations in Explorer, a space to explore the data you've collected. Data Studio combines all the collected results and runs slower if you have more than two data sources (compared to your processing speed with one or two sources). One option to solve this problem is to collect all the information into a single dataset in Google BigQuery and integrate it with Data Studio as a single source. For example, you can easily collect your data in Google BigQuery with OWOX BI.

OWOX BI is a marketing analytics platform that collects unlimited amounts of unsampled data from multiple online and offline sources in one place (Google Analytics or Google BigQuery). OWOX BI merges, cleans and organizes information from advertising services, websites, Google Analytics, CRM and other sources in near real time. You can use the collected data to easily create reports with OWOX BI Smart Data or transfer this data to another tool, for example, Google Data Studio or Google Sheets. In addition, OWOX BI monitors data quality and supports dynamic UTM parameters. OWOX BI offers multiple integrations, allowing you to automatically import your calculations into another BI tool or visualization service, such as Looker, Tableau or Microsoft Power BI. Answers is the most powerful and fascinating part of Explore, the tool that looks like a very simple AI assistant integrated into your spreadsheet.

Google Sheets shows some default questions such as Average of column name or Correlation between column 1 and column 2 at the top of the Explore sidebar. Tap them to get the answer and explore your data in a simple way. Or, select some data in the spreadsheet, for example, a column of numbers, and the Explore tab will display the sum, average, and other quick calculations in the upper right. Let's perform a brief comparison of reporting platforms among ten of the best business intelligence and reporting tools based on the above criteria. Google Data Studio reports allow users to create flexible reports by adding their data sources for a smooth data flow.

In contrast, business intelligence tools handle a wider variety of tasks such as analyzing and visualizing information. In Google Slides, the presentation companion of Docs and Sheets, Explore tries to become a design tool. With Google Sheets, you can collect all your data from any platform, source and CRM, and it allows you to do all the calculations you need. However, some best practices should always be followed when creating Google Data Studio reports for maximum efficiency. Undoubtedly, your customers' websites include a lot of Google Analytics data that you need to constantly track sometimes even in real time such as website traffic session duration referral traffic page views and much more. Once you add your Google Analytics data using the “Add Data” option in the toolbar you can start with the “Shapes” in the toolbar. Google Data Studio's artificial intelligence (AI) automatically combines data from multiple sources analyzes it and lets you create interactive charts dashboards and reports. Finally you can load the transformed data into the internal database of Improvado or to some external storage (for example Google BigQuery or PostgreSQL).

Google Data Studio reports are very useful when creating flexible dashboards and need small changes on a regular basis. This tool collects and processes your data with the help of API and then sends it to another tool you select from the available Supermetrics integrations (including Google Analytics and Google Ads). Time Study is a business process improvement tool where you can easily import times into your sheets for reporting purposes. However you should keep in mind that Data Studio has limits on the data collected and does not have official support from Google. You can use this list to find a simple reporting tool for project management project planning or other business needs you have.

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